Aims and Objectives

SCT Institution aims at creating an excellent schooling system to all the categories of Knowledge. As our slogan says “Nahi Gnanena Sadrusham” meaning that nothing can equal knowledge.
  • We aim at educating a child by exposing it to all sorts of experience and situation, so that they would be ready for future.
  • We aim at making a child to develop self-dependence in both learning and life.
  • We aim and work at providing all necessary facility a child needs in order to learn properly and effectively.
  • We aim at developing a social awareness and a child’s responsibility in the society through proper curriculum.
  • We provide opportunity for any one and every one with a policy, first come first serve.
  • We aim at creating a traditionally rich culture & loving citizens of India.
  • We aim at overall development of a child in all possible areas.
  • We aim at providing a well connected Parent – Child – Teacher relationship.
  • We aim at developing the knowledge & importance of team work – competitive spirit and integrity among students.

Our Convictions and Dreams

  • We, the SCT community have conviction towards making a child capable of utilizing all its inborn talent and potentials.
  • We have conviction in making a beautiful idol out of the clay called children. We have conviction in making a child, a beautiful, good natured, prosperous citizen of India.
  • We have a basic conviction of making every child well versed in reading and writing all the three languages they come across.
  • We have a conviction in making a child to develop all needed management skills and educational skills for his future life.
  • We have a conviction in providing the best of best curriculum which can make a child the best citizen of India.
  • We have conviction in providing an education which can develop the personality of a child in the mental, physical, intellectual, cultural, ethical and spiritual domains.
  • We have a conviction to make our school get recognized in the national and international horizon.
Test Data
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